About Tom Mans

Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience working in the fitness industry and elite level sport. Graduated from University of Exeter with Bsc (Hons) in Exercise and Sports Science. As a coach Tom is HONEST, PERSONABLE and always COMMITTED to his clients. ACHIEVABLE LONG TERM GOALS are set with not just a focus on the short term. By CONSISTENTLY WORKING HARD and most importantly having FUN you will be successful.


Based at The Gym Way near Marble Arch in London. If you are interested in 1:1 training choose from one of my monthly packages and fill out the Personal Trainer Starter Form.

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Online Strength Coaching

Monthly weight training programmes with macro-nutrient and calorie targets, aimed at increasing strength, muscle and fat loss. Receive feedback via video analysis of lifts and questionnaires, plus online support via Skype and email.

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Corporate Combat Classes

I teach boxing classes for staff of local companies and hotels in Central West London. The classes are a great way for people to get fit at the work place and let off some steam.

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