5 Tips To Help You Prioritise Going To The Gym

Most people (myself included) start exercising mainly for aesthetic reasons. We all want to look a little bit leaner, slimmer, toned or muscly. The process to achieve these goals is very simple but I would be the first to admit it is very hard to execute and prioritise. We do not […]

Get fit for the festive season | Working out in Central London | Rowing | Tom Mans PT

Get Fit for the Festive Season

It’s nearly that time of the year again, Christmas is on the horizon and the start of December is looming. And with it work Christmas parties, celebratory drinks and meals out 2/3 times a week. For many of you working in an office job avoiding the festive drinks is like […]

What Is The Best Rep Range To Build Muscle?

When it comes to lifting weights and gaining muscle mass, making sure you hit the right rep range is deemed very important. In this article I will summarise some of the research into what is the best rep range to build muscle. The chart below is what most people and […]

5 Tips For Staying In Shape Whilst On Holiday

I’m not going to tell you not to eat and drink what you want, as that would be hypocritical of me. We’re all human and I also like to indulge on holiday and holidays are all about having fun (but it’s always good to enjoy these guilty pleasures in moderation). […]

5 Tips for Improving Your Front Squat

My third article for PT Magazine is on how to improve your front squat

Smarter Way to Train Your Core

Here’s my second article for PT magazine on training your core.

Should you Squat ‘Arse to Grass’? – Principles of Training

3-4 years ago my answer would have been yes!  I used to say that everyone needs to squat arse to grass; it’s a fundamental movement pattern.  This may be because I started my career working as a Strength and Conditioning coach for rugby teams.  Getting the players to be proficient […]

Train Your Weakest Link

Far too often when it comes to working out people stick to the exercises they are good at and avoid the exercises that are hard. It tends to be the same with preferences of fitness styles.  For example, if you like running you’re less likely to do strength training or if, […]

Movement Screening and Specificity – Why ‘One Size Fits All’ Does Not Work

There are so many different goals when it comes to exercise – whether it is weight loss, strength, muscle mass gains, sports, injury rehab and health or preparation for an endurance event – and the choice of exercises is vast. We know that the human race is massively diverse and […]

Not All Carbohydrates Are the Same – Glycemic Index

When planning out your exercise regime, what type of food and timing of ingestion are key to seeing results and improving on your performance in the gym or out on the sports field. The most important food group with regards to exercise is carbohydrates (CHO). CHO is the primary fuel […]